The Stars Shine Bright


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Chapter 1 - Things Change

A young mew must adapt to a new life.

Chapter 2 - Monsters Among Us

There are many challenges to overcome when raising a child, and Myu and Atticus discover the most important: you have to actually feed your child.

Chapter 3 - Day Out With Atticus

While on an outing with Topaz, Atticus gets a little bit more than he bargained for.

Chapter 4 - Lambda and the Wolf in Lamb's Clothing

As the mysterious stranger makes herself known, some things about Atticus come to light as well.

Chapter 5 - The Talk

Atticus has no choice but to reveal the truth as Myu presses for answers.

Chapter 6 - Little Lab of Horrors!

On the first anniversary of the Lambda Project, Steven finds avoiding her anxieties a lot more charming than facing the music.